Launching a Cannabis Business in New York? Custom Packaging by RXDco

Learn everything you need to know about launching a cannabis business in New York from RXDco.
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October 21, 2022 • 2 Min Read
Launching a Cannabis Business in New York.

As New York prepares to officially open its Cannabis market to adults 21 years of age and older, regulators have been promoting the launch of the state's dispensary portal for proprietors seeking to enter the highly lucrative emerging market. New York's Office of Cannabis Management, or "OCM," has announced that the state will offer 150 conditional-use dispensary licenses across the region.

Now that New York has legalized the sale of Cannabis, it is doing its utmost to support the industry's success by seeking to offer hundreds of millions of dollars to those entering the market. This is a wise investment as the state projects Cannabis sales to generate more than 1.25 billion in taxes over the next six years. New York has even gone so far as to create a five-million-dollar fund for community colleges to develop courses to assist students in finding jobs within the industry. Moreover, in June, the New York State Senate approved a bill requiring insurance programs and companies to cover medical marijuana expenses, further strengthening the Cannabis industry within New York.

This is all very exciting news for those desiring to enter the New York Cannabis space; however, it also poses significant challenges for them, as the regulations in the sector will create a tough learning curve for those unfamiliar with the industry. Seasoned companies with extensive knowledge of Cannabis regulatory requirements, such as RXDco, will have a clear advantage in the New York region as they are well prepared, having successfully guided hundreds of new, inexperienced Cannabis businesses with their packaging needs.

RXDco not only possess years of Cannabis regulatory packaging experience but they are also headquartered in nearby New Jersey, making them a perfect partner for any New York Cannabis business. RXDco provides high-quality Cannabis packaging in a wide array of products for various uses, as well as quick delivery and accessibility. Most importantly, RXDco can offer customers their unrivaled experience and advice, potentially saving new Cannabis companies small fortunes in packaging errors and regulatory fines.

RXDco is a premium Cannabis, Hemp/CBD packaging manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge, custom-branded packaging solutions. With over 100 years of experience in the packaging industry, RXDco is unique in its understanding of regulatory & compliance packaging, possessing the knowledge and expertise to deliver any packaging need. Recognized by leading brands for its forward-thinking and innovative capabilities, RXDco is a trendsetting industry trailblazer. With unparalleled R&D capabilities, in-house graphic design, industry-best pricing, and first-class customer support, RXDco is truly the total package.

For more information, please contact RXDco: Phone: 732.276.6160 - Email: [email protected]

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