Why RXD Co?

RXDco is always on the breaking-edge of innovative new packaging solutions and only produces top-of-the-line quality packaging products.

A History of Excellence - Four Generations of Experience 01

Decades of experience has allowed us to be able to source and produce the best packaging solutions that meet all regulatory compliance rules and can adjust to the style needs of every distributor from local Ma and Pa stores to Fortune 500s. When reliability matters, RXD Co is there.

Research and Development Team - Forward Thinking Solutions 02

We set precedents in the Cannabis Packaging Industry. We invest heavily in Research and Development to create packaging products that target gaps in the market and offer substantial value to our customers. All our packaging components are tested in approved laboratories and are extensively checked throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality control and highest standards of secure packaging. Unique solutions are able to be devised for unique products. If your product needs a specific packaging solution, our team can source, design, improvise and come up with the perfect packaging options.

Leaving Behind a Clean Legacy - Good for the Environment Packaging 03

The responsible and responsive packaging direction in our day and age is one that leaves the lowest possible environmental footprint. We've devised a fully sustainable line of packaging products that are biodegradable. Consumer surveys and research shows that a majority of consumers would opt to switch product brands to buy brands that are more environmentally conscious. The market tilts favorably to brands whose values align with consumers social and environmental causes. Eco-conscious sustainable product packaging will put your product ahead of the competition.

Safety a Priority - Fully Compliant Packaging 04

Safety is our priority, and all our packaging solutions are fully compliant with all regulations and meet or exceed all standards. Tamper-resistant, child-safe, sealed for purity, free of toxins. Testing is done regularly at outside independent labs to ensure purity of product materials. When you want your product to be seen as a safe therapeutic option, you want your packaging option to also be focused on safety. Our priority is your products' purity and full compliance with all safe packaging standards.