Why RXD Co?

Working in collaboration with brands at the forefront of the industry, we are no ordinary packaging supplier.

Four generations of experience 01

We channel four generations of experience in the packaging industry into providing regulatory, compliance style packaging solutions for everyone from local Ma and Pa stores to Fortune 500s across the US. We can elevate your brand with custom designs and help you set industry trends with game changing packaging development while offering a steady service you can depend on.

Always thinking ahead 02

We don’t just stick with current solutions or the way things have always been done. Our intricate knowledge of the industry plus our resources, experience and network means we can produce forward thinking packaging that sets a precedent in the industry. We invest heavily in R&D to develop products we are confident target gaps in the market and offer substantial value to our customers.

Caring for the environment 03

You and your customers know that we have a collective responsibility to preserve and protect the planet for future generations to enjoy. That’s why we’re committed to sourcing and developing sustainable compliance packaging with the lowest possible environmental footprint, without impacting on performance.

Keeping our customers safe 04

As well as protecting the planet, our compliance packaging keeps your customers safe. The products we supply meet and exceed required safety regs and are certified child resistant as standard. All while engineered to keep your product fresh and give your brand serious shelf appeal.

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