Bi-Tri Tubes

Multi-Pack, child-resistant pre-roll tubes that maintain product integrity and potency.

Hyped Innovation

Our patent pending Bi-Tri Tube is a simple yet revolutionary and evolutionary innovation to the limitations of the one-and-done pre-roll tube. By creating completely separate zones within the tube, you can now fill it with either two or three pre-rolls, each contained within its own compartment, which allows the user to store more in one tube while remaining completely separate. This affords greater protection to each pre-roll resulting in greater product integrity. Stop jamming multiple pre-rolls into a tiny container and ruining your product; go Bi-Tri and start living out of the closet of limitations.

Hyped Innovation
Maintain Potency and Freshness

Maintain Potency and Freshness

The Bi-Tri Tube protects your pre-roll potency and freshness! With a snap of the airtight flip cap, your product is locked and loaded with fresh, potent cannabis that will be maintained at optimal potency, ready to take you higher whenever you fire up your doobies!

Incredible Value

Incredible Value

If you are looking for a Cannabis packaging solution that checks all the boxes, look no further than the Bi-Tri Tube. For mere pennies on the dollar, you get an exceptionally high-quality, reusable, pre-roll container with multiple compartments that will protect your product while keeping it fresh and potent! In addition, with our expansive labeling options, we can offer you limitless customization options so that your brand is positioned to trump the competition.

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