C Series

Premium cannabis packaging with unmatched form and function

9 C2 prop
  • Uniquely shaped square and round containers
  • Push n Turn teflon lined CR cap system with air tight seal
  • White, black or wood grain cap
  • Sustainably manufactured in the US
  • Opaque or glass display
  • Split jar option
  • Certified child resistant
  • Competitive wholesale pricing

Minimal waste

The meticulously designed inner bowl is sloped and tapered without hard corners where product could get stuck. This means better value for your customers with nothing going to waste.

Maximum freshness

The custom engineered cap forms an airtight seal, locking in freshness and forming a protective barrier for the product inside.

Safe as standard

The Push n Turn cap is certified child resistant, designed to lock in freshness and protect the product while keeping curious fingers out.

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