Plastic Jars

Affordable, customizable packaging for cannabis flower and edibles in jars that showcase your bud

12 Plastic Jars prop
  • Perfect for cannabis flower and edibles
  • Certified child resistant
  • Locks in freshness
  • Multiple shapes and sizes
  • Design and customization options
  • Affordable and Responsible Marijuana Packaging
  • Competitive wholesale pricing

Preserve your product

Premier packaging designed to keep in freshness for longer and preserve the quality of your products. Ensures an excellent experience for your customers.

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Modify to fit your brand

Customization options including shape, size, color, labelling, foil stamping and screen printing let you modify our plastic jars to fit your brand.

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Get more bang for your buck

Affordable price packages make our plastic jars a cost-effective solution for flower and edible packaging.

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Up your cannabis packaging game

Our compliance packaging is designed to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Looking for something different?

The packaging options we can supply are limitless. If you haven’t found what you need here, our sales team can guide you through our extensive product line and help you find your perfect packaging.

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