Pre-roll Pop Tops

Child resistant pop top perfectly proportioned for pre-rolls.

  • Specifically designed for pre-rolls
  • Biodegradable options
  • 2 sizes (90 mm, 116 mm)
  • Colour and custom design options
  • Made in the USA
  • IML Printing Technology
Protects potency

Our pre roll packaging protects your goods by locking in freshness and keeping them at optimal potency. Designed to have a tight seal that keeps weed untouched, we offer the perfect option for a simple storage solution without the mess!

Flaunts your brand

Available in black, white and a range of colours with screen printing and labelling options, our fully customizable pre-roll pop tops show off your brand at its best.

Easy and affordable way to package pre-rolls.

Pre Roll Pop Tops are an easy and affordable way to package pre-rolls. They maintain the integrity of each flower crumble so your customers can enjoy their product as intended, snap on tops keep it fresh, and our variety pack selections ensure you can find one that fits your needs.

100% Bio-Degradable Options

This is the pre-roll solution for the sustainably minded business that are looking to reduce their carbon foot print without sacrificing on quality packaging.

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